Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Patrick enjoys spending time with patients and answering their questions. Here are some of the questions most frequently asked along with their answers below. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, call our practice at  (828) 631-3567 for more information.

I would like my smile to look brighter. What options are available for me?

Many of our patients ask about whitening their teeth. Since each mouth is unique, Dr. Patrick needs to evaluate your teeth to recommend a specific method. Our practice offers one-appointment bleaching sessions with the Zoom! Whitening system or take home bleaching. If your teeth are cracked, chipped, or discolored, Dr. Patrick may recommend one of our restorative services, such as porcelain veneers or removable bonding. To find out which method is best for you, call (828) 631-3567 to schedule your first appointment.

 I am interested in going through with a particular treatment. How many appointments will it take?

That depends on the particular treatment. Simpler treatments can often be completed in fewer visits. For example, we can whiten your teeth with our Zoom! Whitening system in a single appointment. If you’re undergoing a more complex procedure, such as a full mouth reconstruction, it may take several appointments for Dr. Patrick to complete the treatment. If you have questions about the length of a particular treatment, contact our practice at (828) 631-3567 for more information.

Dr. Patrick suggested that I undergo a specific procedure. Will it hurt?

No matter what treatment you undergo at our practice, Dr. Patrick and our team are dedicated to comfortable care. We want to do everything we can to make your visit relaxing. Dr. Patrick enjoys getting to know his patients. Sometimes, simply talking to him about your concerns can dramatically put you at ease.

We also offer a variety of amenities, such as iPods, blankets, and neck pillows, to make sure you’re comfortable during your visit. Many of the tools we use, like our digital x-ray, are less intrusive for patients and help our team treat people more quickly and accurately.

Over the years, Dr. Patrick and our team have helped patients receive the treatments they need and learn to trust dentists again. We are committed to making sure all of our treatments and services are as gentle as possible.

Why do I need x-rays?

While Dr. Patrick and our team can look at the surface of your teeth and gums to see that they are healthy, we really need to look inside the tooth and examine the roots to make sure. X-rays give us a complete picture of your dental health.

You should have x-rays taken at least once a year. At our practice, Dr. Patrick uses digital x-rays to obtain instant images of your mouth. Not only is this equipment quicker and more accurate, it’s also safer – digital x-rays use 30% less radiation that traditional x-rays. If you’re concerned about having x-rays taken, talk to Dr. Patrick during your appointment or call our practice at (828) 631-3567 so someone can answer your questions.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We file insurance as a courtesy for all of our customers. The patient is responsible for payment of any amount not covered by your insurance at the time of your visit. We accept cash, check, or credit cards, such as Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express and third party financing through CareCredit.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes. When you need treatment, Dr. Patrick knows that financing can be important. If you require extensive or long term dental care, we also offer financial assistance through CareCredit. Since financing can be confusing, our office team is always happy to answer your questions when you call (828) 631-3567.