Teeth Whitening in Sylva, NC 

Are your teeth as white as you’d like? If not, come to our Sylva dental office to learn if teeth whitening is right for you.

Teeth stains can be caused by a variety of things: coffee, alcohol, tobacco, medications, and even aging. But no matter the reason, you don’t have to live with discolored teeth. Beautiful, white teeth lend you confidence in all aspects of your life. Come in and see just how easy it could be to whiten your teeth.  Our options include at-home teeth whitening trays or Zoom! Whitening from Dr. McGuire and his team.

Zoom! Whitening is an in-office whitening treatment that will leave your teeth dramatically whiter after one treatment. With such a simple and convenient whitening solution, a whiter smile can be yours in almost no time.

In-office whitening uses a special light to activate the whitening gel on your teeth. What’s more, because it has different intensity settings to match your needs and keep you comfortable, Zoom! Whitening is unique.

If you’ve been thinking about teeth whitening, give us a call and schedule your appointment today! Zoom! Whitening will give you the brighter, whiter smile you’ve been waiting for. Dr. Patrick McGuire’s dental office is dedicated to providing patients in Cullowhee, Waynesville, Franklin, Cherokee and Bryson City with quality dental work.