Restore Your Smile with Tooth-Colored Fillings in Sylva, NC

Since the mid-1800s, dentists have relied on amalgam fillings to help patients treat cavities and decay. Recently, though, concerns have been raised over the safety of amalgam fillings. Amalgams are made of a combination of metals, including silver and, more importantly, mercury. Their use on children and pregnant women in particular has been called into question by patients and medical professionals alike. The FDA, however, has ruled that the amount of mercury in amalgam fillings isn’t high enough to put the majority of patients at risk.

An Esthetically Pleasing Alternative to Traditional Fillings

Still, many dentists, including Dr. McGuire, have decided to use tooth-colored fillings instead of amalgams. Besides being made of plastic instead of mercury, tooth-colored fillings are also more esthetically pleasing. That’s because tooth-colored fillings, which are also known as composite fillings, blend in thoroughly with your natural tooth color. As a result, you can smile with confidence, secure in the knowledge that no one but you and Dr. McGuire will ever have to know about your treatment.

A tooth-colored fillings are a conservative approach to general dentistry. With tooth-colored fillings, Dr. McGuire can help you keep more of your natural smile, ensuring that your existing teeth have a longer lifespan than they might with amalgams.

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